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Darling Bee is a home based business in the Western New York area. This business is family run. The Darlings include my husband and three children. We all work to make these products available. My husband and children help with the bee hives, craft shows and a farmers' market.

The beauty products are my (Keelan's) baby. The products are made in small batches with the highest quality ingredients including the beeswax from my own hives. We have decided not to use chemicals in our hives. This is beneficial as I can guarantee that the beeswax does not contain any chemical residue.

I enjoy the creative process and will be adding more products in addition to the lotions and lip balms. I would like to offer soaps and chemical free bug spray.

I love to hear from my customers. These products have been available at craft shows and a farmers' market and my customers have been a valuable part of the creative process. Please contact me with your feedback, suggestions, testimonials, or special requests.

Thank you for your interest in Darling Bee and have a wonderful day! - Keelan